Business Policy

A&A.T (Aqua & Air Technology) CORPORATION is a young and energetic, specialist environmental business that was established in 2004, with the mission of creating safe and reliable air and water ("Aqua & Air"), using technology that is gentle to humans, and environmentally friendly, with the aim of fostering the co-existence of mankind with nature.
The establishment of operating roots began in 2000 with the achievement of the ISO 14001 environment standard by the parent entity, Toyoda Products Co., Ltd. Utilizing the combined strength of existing research and development skills, the business began providing a wide range of products to the world, starting with an R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) water purification system, under the slogan of "Reliable and Safe" air and water, essential for maintaining life.
Through cooperation with Toyoda Products Co., Ltd., A&A.T will continue to provide safe, and reliable water and air, looking forward into the 21st century.

Business Activities

Water quality preservation and improvement equipment for home, business and emergency use R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) water purifiers for water from various sources, such as rain, rivers, and pools; sea water desalinization equipment; drain water purification equipment; drinking water purification equipment), and projects, development, sales, export, and maintenance related to air quality preservation and improvement for home, business and emergency use.

Business Address



Head Quarters Address

3-800-3 Aioi-cho,

Kiryu, Gunma, Japan

Zip 376-0011

TEL +81-277-52-0880

FAX +81-277-52-8830

Tokyo Office

1-21-15-401 ,Ebisunishi,

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Zip 150-0021

TEL +81-3-6240-3861

FAX +81-3-6240-3862



Group Company


3-800-3 Aioi-cho,

Kiryu, Gunma, Japan

Zip 376-0011

TEL : +81-277-52-8811

FAX : +81-277-52-8830